Rebrand: Career & Employment Initiative for Youth

The Rebrand Skills Link program has flexible modules that can be directed to address each individual’s barrier to employment. A holistic “balance” in programming includes: basic living skills, life management, problem-solving, career development through employment or educational planning, work exposure, intervention management and follow-up support. Case management focuses on Individual Action Plan (IAP) implementation to ensure young adults meet Program Objectives by addressing concerns/challenges systematically

The key objectives of the Rebrand program include:

  • A flexible holistic approach that provides young adults with basic life skills including self esteem, confidence building, and soft skills needed for improving employment and educational potential.

  • Lifestyle management (food, shelter, clothing) to help young adults develop stable habits.

  • Enhancement of employability skills to assist in developing realistic and meaningful plans to reach employment/education goals and a long-term career path.

  • Connecting young adults with workplace opportunities directly related to their identified career goals, correlated with current Edmonton Labour Market conditions.
  • Encouraging leadership and employability skills; enabling young adults to be responsible and actively make meaningful career and life decisions.

  • Providing links to relevant employers, community services, educational centers and resources.

  • Providing a comprehensive, one-stop information hub to explore and realize career, education, and/or employment objectives.

  • Providing in-depth exposure to areas of interest through interaction with Edmonton industries that include information gathering interviews, tours and Work Experience.

  • Developing and fostering partnerships between youth, public & private sector, employers, and educators to benefit the career development of youth.

  • Connecting young adults to educational institutions to support back to school plans.


Cost: No Fee
Duration: 14 Weeks Location: Edmonton - 105 Street Building