Construction Pre-Trades Training

This Alberta Government sponsored training program is 15 weeks long and allows the participants to receive their Construction Pre-Trades Certification. There is a 2-week work experience component, and job placement assistance is included. 

3 weeks Essential Skills

This portion consists of: communication skills, problem-solving, basic study skills, numeracy-math refresher, occupational research, basic job safety, customer service/employer expectations, conflict resolution, decision making and computer basics. 

8 weeks Occupational Skills Training

This portion consists of trade math, blueprint reading & drafting, hand tools, portable and stationary machines, safety certification and construction theory shop projects. It will also include the completion of WHMIS, CSTS, Fall protection and basic first aid/CPR. The course competencies are measured by self-assessment and ability to demonstrate skill by completion of hands-on projects.  

2 weeks Work Experience

This portion consists of being placed in an employment setting within a construction area of their choice for a two-week work experience. There will be ongoing contact with an employer to ensure success. The placement should lead to full-time work. If that does not happen the program will continue to work with the client to find full-time work.

2 weeks Job search/Maintenance

This portion consists of modules that consist of job-related topics such as, job search attitude, skills development, resume and cover letters, researching labor market and interview skills. The client will have assistance to have a resume to conduct a job search.   

The next start date for this program is on October 1, 2018. For more information, please call 403-314-9999.

The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support services and programs. 

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Cost: No cost
Duration: 15 weeks Location: Red Deer - Northside

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